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Steve Sowden

Chief Executive Partner


We’ve been working with Rabb-it for nearly 3 years.

As a growing business, we recognised the need to add some depth and expertise to our limited in-house IT support and Steve and the team came highly recommended.

Three years later and we truly could not have achieved our growth without them. They have supported us on our international expansion, remotely managing our offices London and Amsterdam. Improved our infrastructure with a whole range of improvements from disaster recovery to hardware and made some smart choices that have kept our systems up to speed with the competition. All without any major impact to the business.

Day to day support has been a huge benefit, keeping our teams working and they have even supported the development of our new data analytics department with compliance support.

Steve and the team are not just contract IT managers, they are an integral part of our business and I would highly recommend them.

Jessica Cram

Head of HR


They may be “just” our remote IT supplier, but we consider them part of our team. Always available, friendly and trustworthy, they give us the confidence that as a global retailer, our infrastructure and systems are reliable and robust, and facilitate our continued growth.

Their ‘can do’ attitude coupled with a passion for delivering the right solution, has meant we’ve benefited from years of hassle free support and expert advice.

They’re not just a faceless IT team, we’ve gotten to know them, to trust them, and they always deliver bespoke solutions that they know are right for US. We’re always made to feel valued and our lack of IT knowledge respected!

Craig Harrold



Rabb-IT have been supporting our business for years, looking after all of our workstations, servers and network, as well as our phone systems, printers, and general IT management to ensure that our needs as a rapidly expanding advertising business are met.

It’s not just the day-to-day support we rely on but also their expertise in providing pragmatic and effective solutions that help us get the most out of our IT Systems.

Rabb-IT provide us with an IT department as if they were part of the business, a friendly common-sense approach to IT support sets them apart from other IT companies, and a strong integration and rapport within the team ensures they are seen as our day to day colleagues, and not simply the voice on the end of the phone.

We often work to incredibly tight deadlines so it’s crucial our servers and systems run smoothly without disruption. Rabb-IT give us the reassurance we need when working under pressure, we can rely on them to give us the support and expertise we need, in a relatable, trustworthy manner.

Office 365 Migration

“The move from our in-house mail server to Microsoft’s 365 platform was a large step for us, considering our old system had functioned well for us for several years. However, the move to a cloud based system allowed us to essentially take away any fear of a single piece of faulty hardware crippling our entire email functionality, and offers much in the way of exchange management and future proofing. As a business of 30+ users, Rabb-IT understood the importance of minimal downtime and distribution. Any challenges faced during the switch were met with a determination and great effort from the Rabb-IT team to resolve, and ensure that new processes and systems were honestly, and professionally communicated to us. On an individual user level, they worked tremendously hard to ensure they found solutions to any issues resulting from such a large operational switch”

Crashplan Backup

“Rabb-IT introduced Crashplan into our business, and we are now able to work safe in the knowledge that our files are being constantly backed up, and on the occasions we have needed to recover a file, we’ve had it restored within minutes. We can’t even tell it’s working away in the background, but knowing it’s there as a safety net for any unforeseen eventuality gives the entire business great piece of mind”

Simon Bollon



The gang at Rabb have been a critical resource to our business since we launched. From guiding us on appropriate next steps through our fast growth to ensuring the smooth move when we’ve scaled up our office space.

We have a great working relationship with them and trust them implicitly.

Isabella Ashley

Office Manager


We have been using Steve and his team for 5 years and they have never let us down.

We recently had a big office move which required new equipment to be sourced and tested – Rabb IT were there to help us with this every step of the way, when it came to moving they were on site every day until the move was complete – we couldn’t have done it without them.

Our business relies on a huge amount of I.T for its daily running and without the support from Rabb-IT it would slow our business down in more ways than one. They have proved to be a trusted, integral part of our continued growth.

Amie Pascoe



As a small but quickly expanding business, BLUE has benefited significantly from the knowledge, advice and ongoing support at Rabb-IT.

Working with an IT company that truly understands how a PR/marketing consultancy operates has been extremely helpful. (Too many IT people think we work like a traditional sales team, which has concluded in inappropriate advice in the past!) We believe this has optimised the recommendations that they have made as we have evolved from a start up to a team of fourteen people, and growing!

They are trustworthy, straight talking, pragmatic and always take a common-sense approach to investment. With an office in Oxford, several team members working remotely and regular international travel, BLUE relies on Rabb-IT’s ability to support us from anywhere, at any time. Through a combination of remote desktop support and around the clock accessibility, we can always rely on the team at Rabb-IT whether they’re trouble shooting IT problems or providing strategic counsel for IT infrastructure as we grow.

In addition to this, and for us as important, it feels like Rabb-IT are part of the BLUE team. They have become trusted advisers, colleagues and friends.

Fergus Clawson



The Rabb-IT team have been a fundamental part of our team for years, taking care of our day-to-day IT requirements while also being an essential partner as we develop our technological capabilities as a world-leading digital marketing SEO agency.

The team are always quick to respond and work extremely effectively when on-site here in the Blueclaw office but also when working remotely to support us. I’d thoroughly recommend Rabb-IT to any growth-focused business where the best possible IT management is needed to serve clients and develop services.

From identifying the root cause of routine IT issues through to procurement of equipment and critical infrastructure support and management, Rabb-IT is our trusted resource.

Shaun Swinburn

Managing Director



Clear and transparent times and competitive prices – this has been important to us as we are a distribution business and interruptions to the system were kept to a minimum.
Day to day operation – The team worked with me in terms of when was best to close the system or bring in the new hardware. This allowed us to plan and operate as normally as we could. The project took place throughout the early stages of the Corona Virus pandemic in the UK. Together with Rabb-IT we worked to finish the project on time and I cannot thank Chris enough for this diligence and hard work throughout.
All staff at LA Brook have been impressed with the help and support we have received throughout, the attention to detail and immediate resolution of problems has been a breath of fresh air for the team. This has continued with support from the IT Helpdesk.
Finally – we had an issue with Ransomware on one of the servers, this was dealt with immediately. His prompt action and support in this area resulted in no issues for my business.

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