Our amazing support and customer service, when and where you need it. No contracts, just pay as you go.


This is what we live for. When a customer retains us as their support provider, we do everything in our power to deliver the very best in service and technical excellence.

We take away the pain of day to day IT, allowing you and your people to get on with what you’re good at and when it’s time to grow, we’ll help you scale up your systems and policies to match. Easy.


It’s almost impossible for an SME to have all the knowledge required to make complicated IT decisions, in house. Don’t wing it, let us do what we do. We have expert consultants with decades of experience (and the scars to prove it) who can make sure the decisions you make are as good as they can be.

Good IT systems won’t necessarily make your business a success but bad IT can kill it.


Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials, Disaster Recovery, GDPR, Data Backup.

We’ve got this.

All these are things that people find very scary but need not be. Let Rabb-IT help you find the right level of support that fits what you do and how you do it. If you’re not compliant, we can help you get there. If your DR needs a tweak, we’ve got your back.


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