RABB-IT Security Solutions

Cyber Security is no longer something any business can ignore. If you’re not protected, you need to be. We work with suppliers who add real value (and work at a great price) to make sure you’re not caught napping.

Anti Virus Solutions

If you are connected to the internet, you’re at risk. It’s as simple as that.

Protection is easy and relatively cheap to implement. No one wants their business to be a victim of something like “Wannacry” so let us make sure your solution is best in class.

We are authorised resellers of ESET and Sophos. We think their products do a great job and use them to protect our systems.

Network Security Solutions

The internet is the driver of increased productivity. It is a hugely powerful tool but there are three essential factors you need to have in place to exploit the full potential of the Internet, safely:

Business Continuity, Security & Control

We supply, install and manage a range of powerful business class routers, managed WiFi solutions, switches and modems to provide all you need to keep your business on line, competitive and efficient.

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