Ensuring your data remains safe and secure against hardware failure, software issues and general user error should be a priority. Rabb-IT Backup Services ensure your business is secure against data loss, getting you back up and running, faster.

Our backup services:

Crashplan PROe software from Code 42 – For all file and folder data

Altaro – For backing up Virtual Machine instancesRabb-IT storage is hosted on servers located here in the UK, we store your data in two locations for complete security.

Main features:

• Windows, Mac or Linux

• Backup or download files to your iPhone or Android device.

• Data seeding service option via physical disk• Rapid restore service via physical disk

• Fixed monthly cost based on source data and individual Virtual Servers• File and folder backups by default run once every 15 minutes (can be scheduled to request)

• Customer console

• 448-bit blowfish encryption (Compliant with European Union Data Protection Directive (EUDPD) which states cloud backup providers are required to ensure all backed up data is only stored in Europe)

• All file versions by default from start of service• Standalone Virtual machine backup service (based on Altaro VM backup software)

• Adjustable bandwidth controls

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