“Rabb-IT have been supporting our business for years, looking after all of our workstations, servers and network, as well as our phone systems, printers, and general IT management to ensure that our needs as a rapidly expanding advertising business are met.

It’s not just the day-to-day support we rely on but also their expertise in providing pragmatic and effective solutions that help us get the most out of our IT Systems.

Rabb-IT provide us with an IT department as if they were part of the business, a friendly common sense approach to IT support sets them apart from other IT companies, and a strong integration within the team ensures they are seen as our day to day colleagues, and not simply the voice on the end of the phone.

We often work to incredibly tight deadlines so it’s crucial our servers and systems run smoothly without disruption. Rabb-IT give us the reassurance we need when working under pressure, we can rely on them to give us the support and expertise we need, in a relatable, trustworthy manner.”

Laura Kynaston
Joint Managing Director



“As a company based in London, we use Steve and his team to support our head office operations, with their expertise in IT Management & Support they can give us reliable IT maintenance for our HQ as well as all of our retail counters across the UK.

Rabb-IT setup our IT systems from the start and as we’ve grown, they have co-ordinated numerous office moves. They have always sorted everything from our phones, Internet connection and comms room setup for us, making the whole process so much easier! Their conscientious approach and commitment to getting the job done, has always allowed the rest us to get on with running the business whilst they look after our IT.

Over the years we’ve thrown many challenges at Steve and his team, ranging from a digital signage brief for our retail counters, to ways of improving the way our website orders are dispatched to our customers, all the way through to remote access CCTV install in our retail counters. Their ‘can do’ attitude coupled with a passion for delivering the right solution, has meant we’ve benefited from years of hassle free support and expert advice.”

Nina Rahmatallah
Managing Director



“We needed to improve our IT, we didn’t really have any infrastructure as such and didn’t really know what we needed! Steve came in and talked through some options and what benefits they would give us, it wasn’t like talking to typical IT consultants, I actually understood what he was saying. It was a very easy, friendly consultation, genuinely based on what OUR needs were, and Rabb-IT took everything said on board and delivered us a perfect solution.

Steve and his team installed a small server for us and upgraded our Internet and Firewall, since they did this our team can now work much more efficiently and we can even integrate our Warehouse team via our new site to site VPN connection, meaning even when we are away from the office, we still have access to the important files safe on our server.

The guys also provide us with remote desktop support which has also proved to be extremely helpful, they have always been able to quickly sort out our IT issues no matter where we are. We have full confidence that as we grow, Rabb-IT will support us every step of the way.”

Dan Drew
Commercial Director



“As a small but quickly expanding business, BLUE has benefited significantly from the knowledge, advice and ongoing support at Rabb-IT.

Working with an IT company that understands how a PR/marketing consultancy operates has been extremely helpful. (Too many IT people think we work like a traditional sales team, which has concluded in inappropriate advice in the past!) We believe this has optimised the recommendations that they have made as we have evolved from a start up to a team of fourteen people, and growing!

They are trustworthy, straight talking, pragmatic and always take a common sense approach to investment. With an office in Oxford, several team members working remotely and regular international travel, BLUE relies on Rabb-IT’s ability to support us from anywhere, at any time. Through a combination of remote desktop support and around the clock accessibility, we can always rely on the team at Rabb-IT whether they’re trouble shooting IT problems or providing strategic counsel for IT infrastructure as we grow.

In addition to this, and for us as important, it feels like Rabb-IT are part of the BLUE team. They have become trusted advisers, colleagues and friends.”

Amie Pascoe

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