Steve – M.D. 

Steve set up Rabb-IT in 2011 with the vision of creating an IT company that was truly focused on helping businesses do business. It’s his no-nonsense approach that drives what we do and clients have come to rely on his honesty and business focused approach. Steve likes to celebrate success with clients and is a fixture on the Christmas party circuit from November, onwards.

Simon – Operations Manager

Simon, our Operations Manager, is an award-winning author, part time actor and likes to fly his own Boeing 737 on weekends. None of the previous statement is true, but he is a self-confessed ‘half-decent’ IT Operations and Service professional with over 20 years’ experience in the Managed Services sector. He would also like to make it clear he is not in any way shape or form a ‘techie’ and is never likely to be.

Luke – Client Services Manager

Luke has worked for Rabb IT since the very beginning, when the business was built on a lounge table and fuelled by Greggs lunches. An IT jack of all trades, Luke has built a reputation on delivering outstanding customer service to all of our clients. Outside of work, Luke will usually be found in a gym, in a cinema, or doing (failing at) home improvements, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor style.

Lee – Senior Consultant 

Lee is our compliance and consultancy expert and has loads of experience working in heavily regulated environments, successfully building enterprise level IT departments, systems and services. He tells us he has an excellent track record delivering compliant, cost effective and scalable IT platforms.

Lee can help with IT strategy and planning in accordance with SRA, FCA, OFCOM, ICO, CCA and CSA rules and regulations. If you haven’t had enough acronyms, yet, he’s also a dab hand at GDPR and Cyber Essentials, these being the darlings of the complianceeautifully world, du jour.

Chris – Sales Director

Chris is our Sales Director which means he talks to people all day about how we might help make their businesses better through great IT. He’ll also talk at length to anyone who’ll listen about motorbikes, cars, food, motorbikes, wine, rugby and motorbikes. Chris is not a techie; he deals with people, business and commercial needs but, as a result of this, he likes to bring interesting client problems back for the techies to solve (whether they like it or not).

Sam – 3rd Line Engineer

Sam is one of our 3rd line engineers. He’ll tell you the future of good IT is in The Cloud. Actually, if anything is in the cloud he’s passionate about it. In fact, he can get enthusiastic about the weather being cloudy so It’s a good job he lives in Bradford.

James – 3rd Line Engineer

James is one of our 3rd line engineers and a good one at that. He didn’t want to come on the about us page and we think it might be because he has a secret identity to protect. Come to think of it, you never see him and Batman in the same room. Just saying.

Chris – Head of Support

Chris leads the line on our support desk. If he isn’t placing a cheeky accumulator for the weekends sports or ensuring one of his American football/football fantasy teams are about to score maximum points, you can always find him driving up productivity amongst his team members and ensuring no case remains unsolved.

Oliver – Service Desk Support Engineer

Look at that face. No wonder our clients love him. There is no one more patient when someone just doesn’t get it. Oliver is also a keen sportsman and walker – you rarely catch him indoors as he is just full of energy and always raring to go. Oliver is also most likely related to the royal family, and wont dress down less than a crisp suit jacket or a robust gilet.

Ty – Service Desk Support Engineer

Ty is being schooled in the ways of righteousness by the Support Team. Already a key member, Ty’s skills are only getting better, every week, Specializing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support tasks.

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