About Rabb IT

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide your business with the highest quality of expertise and bespoke IT support. Whether you are a multinational company or an individual, we are happy to be responsible for every aspect of your IT, or to provide the help and assistance when you need it.

What We're About

Rabb-IT are IT outsourcing experts based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We specialise in IT Consultancy, IT Support and Outsourced IT Management. We can look after your laptops, desktops, servers and networks (it doesn't matter if you're using PCs or Macs). With over 20 years of expertise in support we'll give honest, to the point advice without the flannel and technobabble associated with some IT professionals.

Our Client Relationship

Rabb-IT clients have grown to trust us completely and consider us their IT department, responsible for every aspect of IT in their companies, freeing up precious time to concentrate on what’s important; growing their businesses